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from fruit to bottle


At Pasture Farm we offer a complete fruit pressing service for any quantity of apples or pears. We will press, pasteurise & bottle your fruit to produce natural, healthy juice that will keep for over a year. Our process follows four simple steps:

Drop off

Book your drop off online via our online booking system. Bring your fruit to the farm anytime on your booked day between 9am–6pm. We will decant it in to our crates & check the condition of the apples.

Wash & mill

Your fruit is weighed, sorted, washed in a water bath & then milled to a pulp. Small quantities are pressed with other apples of a similar ilk


The pulp passes through our belt press which extracts the juice. We add a tiny amount of Vitamin C to prevent discolouration

Bottle & collect

Your juice is pasteurised and bottled. Personalised labels are applied if requested & your juice is ready to collect.



Your juice will be made in 75cl glass bottles, either left plain or labelled with a personalised colour label. We will happily label a portion of your juice for gifting purposes or special occasions & leave the remainder plain for everyday consumption. We price per bottle of juice – £1.95 for plain bottles, £2.20 for labelled bottles.

To read reviews of our juicing service, see the testimonials on our home page here
Payment is on collection by cash, cheque, card or bank transfer.

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